Howtto Revive Your Outboard Engine

Having recently got a close appear at my completely new Tohatsu outboard (well, it’s eighteen weeks old!) I have already been rather alarmed to discover that once pristine and gorgeous beast has actually at this sensitive age begun currently to suffer the ravages of living outside in sunlit Queensland. I occurred to truly have a tiny look around and also have started to discover a great deal of spots where in fact the feared corrosion has started its evil function. I had been quite interested to learn round the marina that lots of outboards remain very youthful but are hurting quite badly from your combined ramifications of blowing wind and weather. Many outboard motors (unless employed for regular cruising) probably just operate about sixty unusual hours a yr, so it’s pretty common to see them in pretty ropey health whilst mechanically they remain have barely completed an excellent day’s work .

The outboard engine producers execute a sterling job generally keeping the elements out through the use of several layers of top quality primers and solidified paints but naturally after some time generally use, chips, knocks dings and small collisions take their toll on the brand new paint. Once this valuable seal against the elements is compromised, sodium can reach the shown metal and intensely quickly, the corrosion pieces to work.

The engine producers utilize the best kind off aluminium alloys available both for economy and especially lightness but as we realize aluminium is incredibly vunerable to saltwater corrosion. You are doubtless acquainted with the feared blisters that show up on the paintwork, some unchanged, some broken as well as the familiar whitish-grey natural powder that shows up. This obviously is normally aluminium oxide or hydroxide, consider your pick!

If this slippery slope to mess up continues you won’t be a long time before the engine will be beyond the idea of redemption thus some prompt actions is required on your own part.


Generally speaking the theory is to have the engine from the boat and it’s really pretty vital that you get it someplace dry and from the weather. Nevertheless, this isn’t critical so long as the weather can be dry and it’s really not likely to become wet or moist as this will actually prevent the desired derive from occurring. Naturally, some huge outboards can’t be removed the boat and can need to be handled in situ, once more, an appropriate from the climate spot ought to be found.


Few tools are necessary for this job and the next ought to be included.

Electric drill.

A variety of cable brushes both hands and rotary for removal of dirt and grime, level, oxides, flaky color.

Selection of damp and dry out sandpaper which range from to around .

A sandable Epoxy two pack putty for filling, an array of spatulas for application and combining. There are many options out there in the marketplaces and your regional hardware shop will advise this.

PAINT. Many outboard engine producers have every one of the range of apply cans designed for contact up careers but in which a fair amount is necessary, it is possible to obtain a excellent match in you regional Car superstore. Primer is normally Zinc Chromate structured but care ought to be used never to inhale the fumes. Obviously a really great mask system ought to be utilized whilst aerosol painting plus all of the usual precautions ought to be used whilst using flammable fluids such as for example thinners etc. Several really fine color brushes could be utilized for contact ups and achieving the hard to obtain places. (the color could be sprayed from the can in to the squirt can plastic cover for this work.)

A Spray may of color remover.

Several small files to attain inaccessible places


Replacement unit decals for outboard motors are ridiculously overpriced and We cannot, for the life span of me, understand why. My tips is to disregard them totally and if they’re not bad at all, cover up them up properly and if required, contact them up yourself. Declining this, you’ll be able to obtain replacements produced at your neighborhood computerised sign store.

Outboard engine stockists and producers take notice: We are fed up with finding cleaned up together with your stupidly priced decals!!!

WHAT WE Perform.

The first job is to essentially make certain the engine is cleaned as thoroughly as you possibly can and remove all traces of oil, petrol, grease and dirt utilizing a degreaser where needed. Line down all loose dirt and dried out off thoroughly.

Remove all anodes… shop them aside or buy fresh ones!

Once the engine is dry out, gently remove almost all traces of loose and flaking color, rust and any kind of salty deposits within the lower leg and engine. This is carried out using the electrical drill and cable brushes.

NOTE: Usually do not overspeed the drill or drive too hard in the soft aluminium alloy since it is relatively soft and will be damaged quickly. The paint finish is normally quite slim and easily taken out.

Enough time has come to combine in the filler and complete all of the dings and damaged regions of the electric motor. Keep to cure completely and when healed sand back simple using the assorted marks of damp and dried out. When happy, blow aside all dirt with a air compressor or simply hands brush away all of the dirt. Final completing will arrive any more areas to fill up.

Once again line off almost all residue and dry out it away completely.

Face mask up any areas that need not be sprayed…greater to cover up now than to attempt to scrub from the overspray down the road!


There is absolutely no set plan concerning just how many coats of primer to spray on but within reason, the greater coats you are able to put up, more suitable the ultimate protection will be as well as the better finish you can attain. You possess all heard about the old stating, “It’s all in the planning” in cases like this, nothing could possibly be truer!


Many books have already been discussed the techniques of spray painting but here are some tips of my very own.

Don’t aerosol in direct hot sunlight.

Don’t spray in the torrential rain or excessive wet

Don’t flood the work

Don’t squirt it on as well dry!

Let each layer dry thoroughly prior to the next.

Whether it’s windy, shop or watch the footy, don’t spray!

NEVER try to ‘fix any runs as the color is damp…period!! It really is luring but ruinous to ‘dab’ any operates dry, it generally does not ever function…..walk away, keep coming back when its dry out and rub it straight down with wet’n’dry and start once again!! I learned all about this the very difficult method when spraying my buddy in law’s vehicles for some time ( he utilized to aerosol Rolls Royces for a full time income, he understood!)

Attempt to aerosol in an excellent but moist mist…get yourself a ‘damp edge’ towards the paint and it’ll dry with an exciting’s true ,We tell you!

Stand back and become proud!

You’ll be amazed at hot the years may actually fall off an ouboard engine with a few of this TLC ..just as, avoid the same treatment when you get another hand electric motor, the same applies. As my buddy in law utilized to say,

” All we’ve completed is sprayed several quid involved with it”

How true is that?

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