Benefits of Car Windshield Replacement

Your car’s windshield is more than only a front glass designed to provide you a driving view. It really is responsible for preserving the structural integrity of your automobile. Furthermore, modern vehicles have several drivability features installed behind the windshield. Even in the case of accidents, airbag deployment would depend mainly on the windscreen.

Due to these reasons and more, any harm to your windshield is fatal to both you and your car. Possessing a chipped or a damaged windshield is relatively standard. However, it could help if you always received your windshield repaired or replaced on time to avoid future injuries. While there are several repair and substitute facilities scattered in the united states, choosing AIS Windshield Experts has its many unique perks.

The Windshield Replacement Leads Advantage

Being the oldest and most extensive networking of windshield repair and replacement company in India, AIS Windshield Experts can manage all your auto glass needs easily. When you get those windshield mended or replaced by our experts, you gain usage of several perks, which we classify under three umbrellas. Our services are faster, safer, and better.


We value your time and effort over other things and understand your dependence on a quicker quality of your vehicle glass problems. Windshield replacement at our service centres calls for roughly 2 time, whether you pay with cash or by insurance.

Some insurance agencies take a little time to release money for windshield repair. In addition, some chips and dings require our experts to be extra careful. These might be the only real factors that slightly delay our services, but our experts won’t take unnecessary time.

What ensures even more quickly turnaround time for our services is the convenient and wide-spread location of over 80 in our service depots 45+ cities nationwide. All our depots have only the perfect windshield replacement products available for a variety of vehicles. On top of that, our tie-ups with all the current primary insurance agencies across India, ensure quick and cashless windshield repair.


Whether it’s the safety of your car, our employees, or yourself – we take everything very seriously. We recognize that your automobile is not simply a ability to move tool for you but a safe space meant to protect you against accidents. That is why we manage broken windshields with ultimate precision. While executing windshield substitute, our technicians follow international safety benchmarks and wear the required replacement gear effectively. We always utilize industry-recommended and high-quality polyurethane adhesives rather than sealants like silicone to replace your damaged windshield. Since adhesives ensure no gaps between your glass and the frame, your safety is left intact.

The automotive glass aftermarket is entirely unregulated, and we understand that it’s likely you have product quality concerns, generally because of zero regulations. Hence, we perform intensive quality and safety inspections on all our products before deeming them befitting your car. In addition, we educate you on automotive safety rules and regulations once you avail of our windshield replacement services.

We also stress the usage of high-quality laminated glass rather than tempered glass to make sure that your windshield:

Has localised breakage around the idea of impact
Is penetration-resistant to ensure maximum safety
Remains highly flexible to minimise injury in case there is a head-on impact within an accident.

To ensure you do not face problems after windshield alternative or repair, we give a one-year warrantee on all our products and workmanship.

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