The Difference Between a Workshop Manual and Factory Service Manual

If you are looking for car manuals, you must have come across two types of them, workshop manuals and factory service manuals. Wondering what’s the difference between them and which one should you buy? Here’s a short guide.

  • Factory stands for a place where auto parts are manufactured and distributed as the brand name’s product. So, the manual that they provide are relevant to their brand only and have limited coverage.
  • Workshop stands for a place where automobiles are repaired and serviced, and the parts they use are sourced from other brands. So, workshop manuals include all the repair and service procedures with the use of a wide range of parts, including those required for modifying or boosting the car.

You will find both these manual types available for different machineries and parts, even including CD changer, AC system, video screen, or latest GPS.

Key Differences Between the Two

Factory service manuals are detailed manuals coming directly from your car manufacturer. You usually get them at the time of purchasing your car. You may also ask for a copy of manual for your car’s make and model afterwards from a third party. On the other hand, workshop manuals are sourced from other companies that deal in repairing and servicing the car. Usually, car mechanics at garages also refer to them for getting information about your car and knowing how to conduct a particular repair.

The primary difference between both the manual types is where they are coming from and the extent of information they have. Usually, factory service manuals are more specific and detailed, while workshop manuals are general. Factory service manuals have better quality paper than workshop ones, and they have better representations as well. Both types of manuals may refer to any particular part or product, but it is important to understand that both are sourced from different origins and their contents may differ from each other to a great extent.

Whether you go for a factory service manual or workshop manual for your car, you can now have them in the form of PDF files available online on third party websites. You can download them on your device and refer to it whenever you need to conduct a repair or service on your automobile. When you repair your car on your own, you end up saving a good amount of money in the long run, and they make you a pro with your vehicle.

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