BMW Driver’s Guide

There are multiple reasons to execute a BMW VIN lookup. Listed below are the most popular reasons to check on your BMW’s VIN.

Using a VIN decoding tool can help you discover a fresh or used car’s selling price.

To be sure to are purchasing the right parts, upgrade kits, or retrofit packages for your car. When you know your BMW’s exact year, model, make, and other features, after that you can find the right updates and parts at such trusted online retailers,, that provides the world’s largest collection of DIY packages and parts for BMWs, and ModMyNav, using its collection of BMW rear-view camera sets. So you can simply add all the features you always wished your BMW acquired.

When ordering an extra or replacement far off key fob for your BMW, a VIN check can help you confirm which key fob is necessary, including the frequency. BMWs with option S876A require a 315Mhz key fob, people that have S874A need a 434Mhz key fob, and others require an 868Mhz key fob. Each one of these options are available at Bimmernav, the world’s premier online BMW key fob replacement store

Buying a used car from someone else can often be frustrating, in particular when you are thinking about a rare or heavily-optioned vehicle. The simple simple truth is that vehicle build details and options aren’t always easily recognized. You would likely need to order certain replacements to correct the auto in the future, however, you need to know the right stuff to find therefore the car maintains its originality to a flawless execution.

For example, let’s look at your paint code. If you want to have any kind of paintwork performed on the car, the first little bit of information you will need is the factory paint code. Normally, this is a three to five digit code number and the average person name of this specific paint. Without proper vehicle information, this simple process becomes a monumental problem. I’ve put together a set of websites which i reference and discover information on autos that people have
bought ourselves. Not all of the resources provide every answer, though, so a bunch of recommendations are had a need to cover all the bases.

Finding information through your VIN can be considered a scavenger hunt in some instances, as certain manufacturers are much better than others at providing data on the codes. Also, some thirdparty websites are much better than others at the same, therefore sometimes your answers are not in a single place. Ultimately the automobile manufacturers have everything, but the majority are not forthright start data for proprietary reasons. I’ll upgrade links and information when i add more resources to help you totally decode your vehicle, or the potential car you desire to increase your stable.

If you’re considering purchasing a used or pre-owned car, these details will tell you if the automobile was modified.

Compare two BMWs to see quickly how their features differ, if you want to to up grade your existing BMW.

Try it now BMW VIN lookup
1. Input the previous seven digits of your BMW’s VIN where it says ‘Enter BMW VIN.’

2. Check the ‘I am not really a robot’ pack in the reCAPTCHA field, then click Decode VIN.

Or if you want to compare two VINs:

1. Click ‘Compare VINs.’

2. Input the last seven digits of the first BMW’s VIN where it says ‘Enter BMW VIN.’ and the last seven digits of the next BMW’s VIN where it says ‘Enter second BMW VIN.

3. Check the ‘I am not a robot’ container in the reCAPTCHA field, then click ‘Compare VINs’

Where to find VIN?

Your vehicle identification number is listed in several locations on your BMW. The most common places to check are:

The inside frame/panel of your front door (usually driver’s side)

On the dash near the windshield

On your BMW’s insurance or registration

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