Arizona Chip Repair Services: Why You Might Need Them

Drivers who live in Arizona might want to consider chip repair services for their windshields. This will prevent the windshield from having to be replaced, which could potentially lead to even more expenses down the line.

Even a small chip in a windshield could eventually lead to a crack, so it’s important for drivers to get these repaired right away.

Chips Turn Into Cracks Which Turn Repairs Into Replacements

If the chip is very small, you might not need to get it fixed. A tiny crack can be repaired and filled with resin, and this is only a temporary fix since the damage could always grow larger over time.

However, if your windshield has any chips or cracks that are large enough for you to see through them, we recommend calling an auto glass company in Arizona for chip repair services as soon as possible. Chips that seem harmless might eventually lead to windshield replacement down the line.

Why Arizona Has Free Windshield Replacement

A recent study looked at the frequency of windshield cracks and breaks by state. Arizona ranked 5th on this list with almost 19% of drivers reporting they have experienced a problem with their windshields within the last five years. In comparison, only 12 percent of people in neighboring states reported having problems with their windshields.

This is likely due to the fact that Arizona is a desert and often has flying rocks and debris that can cause you to get a cracked windshield. Experts believe that the state’s high percentage of rock chips has contributed to these problems. Learn more about your auto glass repair options in Arizona.

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