3 Things You Should Know Before You Scrap Your Car In Singapore

Thinking of parting ways with your current car or truck or motorcycle? Not intending to renew your Certificate of Entitlement (COE)? If so, there are several points that you must initially discover about the scrapping procedure before proceeding.

Determining the Expiry Day of Your COE

As soon as your vehicle’s COE ends, you will no longer have the ability to drive it on the road. It will be an infraction of the law if you do so. You should be aware of your COE’s expiration day and also make certain that either it is renewed, or your vehicle is scrapped before that. It is likewise worth noting that the process for scrapping a vehicle is not instant. As a matter of fact, the entire application process and paperwork may take a week or two.

Prices Vary Depending Upon A Number of Factors

Just how much do you obtain for scrapping an automobile? The price that you will be paid for scrapping your automobile differs according to the supply and also demand in the market. In a given year, according to your car version’s popularity on the marketplace, a greater or lower price will be offered. It pays off to be on the watch for the price trends on the market for your car model.

An additional variable of your car’s scrap price is the amount of damage that it holds. The longer an automobile has actually been on the road, the lower the price offered. When you integrate the price of depreciation with market force trends, you can figure out with basic accuracy, the optimum time to scrap your automobile.

Scrapping is not your only Choice

Other than scrapping, you can look at exporting your automobile. Simply put, rather than tearing your car apart for scrap, you could offer your vehicle to foreign exporters. These companies will carry your automobile overseas for a resale. Comparable to market demand for scrap, the marketplace for exporting also varies. Typically, merchants do pay even more, however they are also extra discerning with the automobiles that they choose to handle. As such, certain exporters may choose not to export your car model.

Choosing the Right Car Scrapping Agent

At its core, car scrapping or automobile exporting is an agent. You will not find uniformed rates and services across all scrap car providers. Hence, it is very important that you do effective groundwork prior to agreeing to deal with any one specific dealership. This is especially vital for first timers as you will be depending heavily on their know-how to obtain you the best prices for your automobile. Furthermore, dealing with a good car scrapping agent will assist to streamline the whole paperwork and also the documentation involved.

Speak to a scrap car Singapore dealer today to discover your vehicle scrapping or exporting options today.

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